Gabriela Ciupa

Which school did you go to?

St Anne’s Catholic School

What subjects do you study?

Biology, Spanish, Chemistry

What do you think you have gained from your studies?

I picked courses which I not only need for future study, but also courses which I enjoy. I love what I study and my teachers really help to build upon both my enjoyment and deep understanding of the subjects.

What do you think of the support offered at Barton Peveril?

My teachers support me a lot and are always willing to spend extra time with me if I don’t fully understand a specific topic or have any additional questions to ask. I feel like in the future this will become very beneficial to me, for example during exam seasons, as I know I will have heaps of support from my teachers and tutor.

How would you describe the College to prospective students?

Barton Peveril is a lively, bright college and students are never lacking in new opportunities, experiences or support.