Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the College day?

Normal hours for timetabled lessons are 8.45am – 4.00pm Tuesday – Friday. On Mondays, student’s first lesson begins at 10.30am.

Will I have lessons every day?

You should expect to be in college every day but the timing and spread of lessons will depend on your individual timetable.

How many subjects will I take?

Students joining us in 2019 will choose three A Levels or Vocational courses, or a combination of the two. Depending on your GCSE score, you could also choose a fourth A Level.

Is Barton Peveril a specialist Arts college?

No, unlike schools Sixth Form Colleges do not have specialisms. We have many subject strengths and these certainly include Drama and an outstanding Art Department which also offers the post-18 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design validated by University of the Arts, London (UAL).

Why should I come to a big Sixth Form College?

Research shows that Sixth Form College students get better grades and benefit from specialist subject teachers and facilities. A large, well-run college offers stability and delivers a very personal experience to students through its tutorial programme. You will soon settle in and make new friends!

Will I have to pay tuition fees?

No, if you continue straight to college from school your Sixth Form education will be free apart from costs associated with course materials, trips and any exam resit fees. If you take a year or more out after finishing school you may have to pay for your college courses, depending on your age when you…

When will I hear about my College interview?

Interviews for full-time college places start in October and take place throughout the spring term.  So long as receipt of your application has been acknowledged, your name will be in the system and you will be called for an interview.  All applications are acknowledged within a few days by email.