The Extended Project Qualification

Many Barton Peveril students choose an Extended Project in their second year of studies.

What is it?

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) gives you the opportunity to research a subject independently and become an expert in it.

The project is most beneficial if linked with your chosen undergraduate course or career choice but can also relate to a hobby or specific area that really interests you. Either way, you will benefit from its ability to develop skills in independent planning, research and critical analysis.

Why take it?

Universities and employers welcome the EPQ because it mirrors the independent style of learning required for success at degree level and in the workplace.

Many Russell Group universities – including the University of Southampton make reduced offers for places on some degree programmes to successful candidates who are predicted an A or A* in their extended project.

What subject can I choose?

You have a completely free choice as to which area you specialise in for your project and whether your outcome is an extended written investigation, a performance, a piece of artwork, a film, a report or something else entirely.


Examples of Extended Projects completed in 2017 include:

  • Generating Red Blood Cells in Vitro from Stem Cell Sources: What are the Methods and Potential Impacts?
  • How has technology influenced the way we understand our universe?
  • Adapting complex mathematical ideas for a non-academic audience
  • To what extent is social class significant on gaining a senior political position in 21st Century Britain?
  • To what extent does and should religion influence law making in the UK?
  • What makes Multi-Player Online Battle Arena’s successful?
  • How did women’s fashion in the 1920’s reflect the changes in their lives and society?