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Fact file

  • GCSEs to include a Grade 5 in Spanish
  • Minimum Average GCSE Score required for this course: 4
  • Spanish is spoken by more than 300,000,000 people in 23 countries in Europe, Africa, North, South and Central America and the Caribbean
  • Extra study sessions dedicated to practising conversation
  • Successfully learning a language demonstrates a wide range of skills valued by employers.

Course summary

This course is designed to build your skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking to a very high level, enabling you to use Spanish as a tool for intellectual discussion and gain a qualification suitable for studying the language at degree level. The topic areas act as a vehicle through which you will study Spanish grammar in depth. They will also help you build avery broad vocabulary which is a prerequisite for success.

Individual study, whole class work, pair work, group work and conversation sessions will allow you to build confidence in applying the vocabulary and grammar that you have learned to express your ideas in speech and writing on a range of issues. You will need to come to terms with learning, memorising and using a wide range of vocabulary as well as learning and applying the rules of grammar. In the study of a language a good knowledge of grammar will set you free!


Ettie Robins
Ettie Robins

“I would recommend Barton Peveril because there is the right balance between being treated like an adult and also being supported so you aren’t left to struggle by yourself.”

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