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Fact file

  • GCSEs to include a minimum Grade 6 either Combined Science or Physics, a Grade 6 in Mathematics and a Grade 5 in English
  • Students are very strongly advised to continue studying A Level Mathematics alongside Physics
  • Chance to enter the Physics Olympiad or join the Engineering Education Scheme
  • Many of our students go on to study technical and scientific subjects at degree level.

Course summary

Physics is a challenging and exciting subject that tells us how the world works. The study of matter and energy encourages enquiring minds to probe the hidden laws behind physical phenomena, from the simplest atom to the formation of the universe.

You will encounter questions such as: Why do astronauts experience weightlessness? What must an airline pilot do to compensate for cross-winds when landing? How do electrons deliver the energy we use every day?

In the second year of Physics we go on to look at how the universe began and how stars form. You will also study Particle Physics – the building blocks from which everything is made.

The course progresses some of the work encountered at GCSE and introduces topics that will be entirely new to you. This stimulating blend of traditional disciplines and modern advances has a strong practical emphasis and we like our students to have hands-on experience whenever possible.

Over the two years, the practical endorsement requires you to complete a minimum of 12 assessed practicals in which you must keep appropriate records of your assessed experiments and you will be graded as either Pass or Fail. This will provide a portfolio of evidence for employers and universities, including how you apply investigative approaches and methods to practical work, your ability to follow written instructions, make and record observations/measurements and use appropriate techniques to process data, carry out research and report findings.

Exam Board: A Level Physics – AQA


Lauren Mackenzie
Lauren Mackenzie

“I was delighted to receive and offer to study mathematics at Balliol college Oxford. I received amazing support from Barton in terms of entrance exams and interview preparation and practice.”

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