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Fact file

  • Studying Art and/or Design at GCSE is advantageous but not essential
  • You must have access to your own digital SLR Camera (with standard lens) from the outset
  • Cannot be studied alongside Photography (Moving Image)

Course summary

“It’s wonderful, wonderful! Nothing will ever be as much fun….I’m going to photograph everything!”
Jaques-Henri Lartigue

This course is based on Photography as an art form and will prepare you for University study and freelance work as well as compliment many other areas of creative practice. No previous experience of Photography is required although enthusiasm, creativity, organisation and self-discipline will be important attributes. Commitment outside of lessons is crucial to success. You will be expected to complete at least 3-5 hours of independent study each week which will take the form of written work, photoshoots and developing your portfolio of study.

You will learn: how to use your camera and compose effective pictures; how to be selective with your images; a range of Photoshop skills; experimental and creative techniques such as collage and 3D; how to analyse the work of other photographers and how to professionally present your work. You will also have the opportunity to work in a traditional darkroom alongside your digital studies. There will be at least one study visit to galleries during the autumn term to enrich and inspire you. You will benefit from a well-resourced and experienced department, with a large scale and cost effective photo-quality printer available. The course is designed to encourage you to reflect on both the historical and contemporary elements of photography and be creative and ambitious with your images.

Exam Board: A Level Photography – OCR


Sam Archer-Scott

“Barton is a brilliant college with excellent facilities and resources to help students achieve their full potential in whatever they decide to do. There is constant communication between students and staff members about their work and studies. It is very easy to find people who share common interests and beliefs with you, and are as passionate about their subjects as you are.”

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