Mathematics (Further)

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Fact file

  • GCSEs to include a minimum Grade 7 in Mathematics
  • Minimum Average GCSE Score required for this course: 5.5
  • A course for students who take a genuine interest and thrill from Mathematics
  • Seriously consider if Mathematics is your favourite GCSE, if you are considering studying the subject at A Level and beyond

Course summary

This course is taken in addition to Mathematics and is for those that both enjoy and are good at the subject. Although the content ranks among the hardest A Level courses, it is recognised that its similarity to single Mathematics makes the course a common fourth or even fifth option for strong students.

Further Mathematics will both broaden and deepen a student’s understanding of mathematics and covers some key mathematical concepts that are not part of the single Mathematics A Level. As students will be keen mathematicians there is also some scope for looking a little beyond the specification.

Further Mathematics is a hugely rewarding yet very challenging course that requires organisation and dedication. Many of the key concepts studied, such as matrices and complex numbers, are integral to a deeper understanding of mathematics and its modern uses.



Daniel Dickinson
Daniel Dickinson

“I would say that Barton Peveril is an amazing opportunity for students of any background or subject interest. There is such a wide variety of subjects that there is something for virtually anyone.”

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