Japanese - Certificate (Q-XTRA)

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Fact file

  • Enthusiasm and commitment are required to study a new language
  • Internal assessments in four skills throughout the one year course
  • Cultural workshop at the Japanese Embassy and possibility of a trip to Japan
  • Ideal preparation for GCSE Japanese in your second year.

Course summary

Today there is an increasing demand for Japanese speakers and this course provides a sound basis for developing the necessary communication skills.

In addition, Japanese is fascinating in its own right, very different from European languages, yet in some ways not as difficult as most people imagine.

This is a rare and great opportunity to have an insight into Japanese culture. Although reading and writing Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji – Chinese characters) may sound impossible, you will be amazed how interesting they are and should enjoy exploring the language.

This is a course for students who have not studied Japanese before or have little knowledge of the language. Having a qualification in Japanese will certainly make your future university or job application stand out from the rest!


Luke Haddock
Luke Haddock

“I particularly enjoy the student life of independence, where I am free to choose how I spend my time and make the most out of the well-developed facilities at Barton.”

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