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Fact file

  • GCSEs to include at least a Grade 4 in English
  • To choose between either the Conflicts – Early or Power – Modern Pathways
  • Minimum Average GCSE Score required for this course: 4
  • GCSE History is not required
  • The History Department has a strong tradition of both domestic and foreign trips
  • Each year around a quarter of students studying A Level History go on to further History-based courses at university.

Course summary

The A Level History syllabus offers a really exciting choice of options to study. All A Level History courses now require the study of a minimum 200 years of history, plus a unit of British history. You select one of the two routes outlined below and will study the relevant units in class. In Year 2 you will also complete a personal investigation on a topic of your own choosing. This means that if you are interested in an area which our syllabus doesn’t cover, you can still pursue your interest in it via the personal investigation.

Route One: Conflicts If you want to study what happens when big ideas crash against each other, then this option is for you. You will study the clash of Christianity and Islam in the Crusades, including the capture of Jerusalem and the rise of Jihad. Alongside this you will investigate the conflict between Protestantism and Catholicism in Tudor Britain, arguably one of the most significant periods in British History.

Route Two: Power If you are fascinated by the ways in which governments use their power to control their people and change society, then study this option. In the first part of the course you will study how the Tudor monarchy established the shape of Britain as we know it today, led by some of the most interesting monarchs in British History. Alongside this you will explore the rise of the Communists in Russia, when they overthrew the Tsars and transformed the lives of 125 million people overnight.



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