Enrich your learning with Q-XTRA

Q-XTRA Certificates

Final year students collecting Q-XTRA certificates

We want to support and enable you to leave college with more skills and experiences than just those gained through your studies. To do this, the Q-XTRA programme encourages you to seek out experiences that maintain your health, contribute to your community, develop your employability, and enhance your skills and interests. For everything you do alongside your studies either in or out of college, you can receive credits leading to either Bronze, Silver or Gold Q-XTRA certification.

Competitive Sports and Teams

  • Athletics (Mixed)

    You will have a chance to compete in your discipline, at various events throughout Hampshire in the summer term.

  • Basketball (Women’s Team)

    Basketball for WomenThe Elite Women’s Basketball Team play highly competitive Basketball in the ABL National League, English Schools Dynamic Cup, Hampshire Colleges League and Association of Colleges Tournaments.

  • Football (Men’s)

    Football TrainingThe Men’s Football Teams play in the Hampshire Colleges League and Cup, Association of Colleges Cup and English Schools National Cup. The competitive teams have all had recent league and cup successes.

  • Hockey (Mixed)


    The Mixed Hockey Team play at a very competitive level, in the Hampshire Colleges and Association of Colleges Leagues and Cups.

  • Rugby (Men’s)

    Rugby TeamA competitive Rugby squad, playing in regional cups, competitions and leagues.

  • Rugby (Women’s)

    A competitive Rugby squad, playing in regional cups, competitions and leagues.

  • Badminton (Mixed)


    You can play competitive or recreational Badminton for either the Men’s, Women’s or Mixed Team. All teams have performed well regionally and nationally and are coached by former Great Britain Badminton player Chris Shepherd.

  • Basketball (Men’s Team)

    Basketball Team

    The Elite Men’s Basketball Team play highly competitive Basketball in the ABL National League, English Schools Dynamic Cup, Hampshire Colleges League and Association of Colleges Tournaments.

  • Cricket (Mixed)

    A summer only activity that includes weekly net sessions and fixtures, as part of the Barton Peveril Cricket Team.

  • Football (Women’s)

    Women's FootballThe Women’s Football team is for both competitive and recreational players, with the opportunity to play in the Hampshire Colleges League and Cup, Association of Colleges Cup and English Schools National Cup.

  • Netball (Women’s)

    Netball TeamYou will have the opportunity to play in the Hampshire League for either the 1st or 2nd Team, or recreationally for the 3rd Team, also participating in several tournaments throughout the year.

  • Tennis (Mixed)

    Tennis matchYou have the opportunity to play tennis competitively or recreationally, with competitive players playing in regional events.

Recreational Sports and Activities

  • Badminton

    BadmintonA fun based Badminton session, for players of all abilities.

  • Bootcamp

    A fun High Intensity Interval Training session, suitable for students of all abilities.

  • Certificate in Fitness Instructing

    This Level 2 qualification in Fitness Instructing is an excellent option if you have an interest in health and fitness.

  • FA Certificate in Football Coaching

    The Level 1 qualification in Coaching Football is the first step on the coaching pathway.

  • Futsal

    An indoor football activity, which is fun, fast paced and a growing sport in its own right.

  • Netball

    A fun based netball session, for players of all abilities.

  • Swimming

    Opportunity to access New Place Swimming Pool for half price sessions throughout the week.

  • Table Tennis

    A fun based Table Tennis session, for players of all abilities.

  • Weightlifting Technique

    WeightliftingYou will explore and learn Olympic Weightlifting techniques, to improve your overall strength and fitness.

  • Basketball

    A fun based Basketball session, for players of all abilities.

  • Boxercise

    A fun, boxing-based High Intensity Interval Training session for athletes of all abilities.

  • Fitness Studio Membership

    You will have the opportunity to use the College Gym, which has a range of cardio and resistance equipment, during college hours when the Fitness Studio is not being used.

  • Football

    Football TrainingA fun based football session, for players of all abilities.

  • Mindfulness

    You with learn and explore mindfulness techniques practically, helping to manage your mental health and general wellbeing.

  • Sailing

    A great opportunity to complete the L1 RYA Dinghy Sailing.

  • Soccercise

    A fun circuit class using footballs, for all levels and abilities.

  • Talented Athlete Scholarship (TASS)

    TASS Athletes

    A programme of support to help athletes competing at the highest level manage their academic and sporting commitments.

  • Yoga

    Yoga sessionYou will be introduced to the practice of Yoga, exploring its techniques to support your mental health and general wellbeing.

Performing Arts

  • Choir

    Choir singingYou will be part of the College Choir. rehearsing weekly and performing in performances at external venues such as Romsey Abbey and the Concorde Club.

  • Dance Company

    Dance performanceYou will explore a wide range of different dance styles, working towards a performance each term whilst developing dance and performance skills and technique.

  • Drama Grades (LAMDA)

    Drama GradingYou will develop the skills needed for LAMDA exams and Drama School auditions, focusing on the acting monologues needed for success in both.

  • Drama Stage Crew

    You will learn a variety of professional technical skills, including set design, lighting design and operation, live sound engineering, and stage management.

  • Music Theory Certificate (Grade 5)

    You will learn the material needed to pass the Grade 5 ABRSM in Music Theory.

  • Rock Challenge

    Rock Challenge performanceYou can participate in the annual international competition where students are encouraged to research and perform current issues through the medium of dance and drama.

  • Vivaldi String Orchestra

    A great opportunity for string players to get together and play something classical.

  • Concert or Jazz Band

    Jazz Band performingYou will perform with fellow wind and percussion instrument players, at external venues to paying audiences throughout the South.

  • Drama Production

    Drama productionYou will work towards a large-scale production in July, regardless of the subjects you study.

  • Instrumental & Vocal Lessons

    Saxaphone performanceYou will receive one-to-one instrument or vocal tuition, if you study Music or Popular Music and Jazz Studies.

  • Pit Band

    You will work in bands, with the opportunity to support the College musical productions throughout the year.

  • Soul Band

    Soul BandYou will be part of the band consisting of singers, rhythm section and horns (trumpets, saxes trombones).

Academic Development

  • Aspire Programme

    Aspire tripYou will receive support, advice and guidance on applying to the world’s leading Universities, alongside a series of lectures by academics from around the country that will enhance and broaden your subject knowledge.

  • Japanese (GCSE)

    Learning JapaneseYou will extend the knowledge you gained in the Japanese Practical Certificate, learning more grammar and Kanji to imporve your Japanese language skills.

  • Latin (Certificate)

    You have the chance to learn and translate basic Latin, looking at Roman society in the first century AD with your knew knowledge.

  • Mandarin Chinese

    Chinese Mandarin TripYou will learn the basis of Mandarin, earning the HSK Standard Course Level 1 and 2 over the course of a year.

  • Robotics

    RoboticsYou will build and program your own autonomous robot, which will be entered into the University of Southampton’s Student Robotics Competition.

  • Study Skills

    Develop the academic skills you need to succeed. Develop good study habits, time management, research skills and exam and revision techniques.

Subject Extensions

  • Techniques for Art and Textiles

    Art and Textiles

    You will explore either Colour and Construction or Explorative Drawing, to develop you skills and explore materials in a diverse and contemporary way.

  • Engineering Enrichment

    After developing basic engineering skills, you will form a team to undertake one of three national engineering competitions: the Engineering Education Scheme, the Blott Matthews Challenge or the Big Bang Competition.

  • History Extension

    You will discuss interesting historical issues that are currently in the media and topics that are likely to be encountered if you study History at university.

  • Maths Extension

    You will prepare for university entrance exams (MAT, STEP or TMUA), have the opportunity to sit an additional Further Maths module that could help to improve your grade, and learn about some fascinating concepts in mathematics such as multivariable calculus, group theory, recurrence relations and advanced matrix operations.

  • Photoshop for Photography and Graphics

    Photoshop for Photography and Graphics

    You will have the opportunity to further develop your project work and Photoshop skills with the support of a specialist tutor.

  • Psychology Extension

    You will explore Psychology topics beyond the curriculum, in a University-based format, hearing from guest speakers and University academics.

  • Sociology Extension

    Broaden your sociological knowledge through debates, discuss and explore interesting contemporary sociological issues.

  • Computer Aided Design

    Computer aided design

    You will use multiple pieces of specialist, industry standard pieces of software to develop your Computer Aided Design skills in a series of individual and group challenges.

  • English Extension

    You will have the chance to explore, read, analyse and discuss extracts from cannonical and banned novels, short stories, poetry and drama.

  • Life Drawing

    You will have the opportunity to draw real life models in a variety of poses, gaining an understanding of measurement, perspective, shape, form and structure.

  • MedVet

    Prepare for university life and a career in the medical and veterinary professions.

  • Science Extension

    Science Extension at Barton Peveril

    You can explore Science beyond the curriculum, conducting your own research into your own area of interest, and hear from University academics and guest speakers on a range of topics.

Personal Development

  • Allotment Project

    Allotment Project at Barton Peveril

    Design, create and establish an allotment and growing garden at the college. Help to grow produce for the local community.

  • Basic First Aid

    First AidTake the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification which is recognised by employers and valid for 3 years.

  • BP Activators Leadership Academy

    You will work in the local community, for a variety of campaigns and events, to get people active.

  • Digital Media Company

    Video for Media CourseYou will work as part of a team to maintain, promote and create content for an online magazine and blogging site. Roles in the team include: Writer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, and Editor.

  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Gold)

    You will work towards the Gold DofE Award, completing tasks in the following five sections: Volunteering, Physical, Skills, Expedition and Residential. Available to students who have already completed the Bronze or Silver Award.

  • Managing Anxiety Programme

    You will learn how to manage anxiety and exam stress, identify anxiety triggers and explore coping strategies.

  • Public Speaking

    You will explore and practice the most common types of public speaking, mastering the key techniques: body language, presence, vocal techniques, structuring, making the boring interesting, impromptu speeches, and debates.

  • Seeking an apprenticeship and employability skills

    You will receive support, advice and guidance on applying for Apprenticeships.

  • Student Committee

    You have the opportunity to represent Barton Peveril’s student body, adopting one of many roles within the committee to plan and run events for students throughout the College.

  • TV Production Company

    You will fulfill filmmaking and audio-visual briefs for in-college and external commissions, earning real life experience of the film and TV industry.

  • Volunteering

    You will volunteer in a College department (e.g. library or IT) or as part of a local conservation project gaining useful work experience.

  • Young Enterprise

    You will set up and operate a real, profit-making business. You will have a dedicated role within that business, from Marketing to Finance, attending events and selling shares in your business to generate sales and revenue.

  • Business Tenner Challenge

    As a team, you will be given £10 to run a small business campaign that aims to earn back as much money as possible for a charity of your choice.

  • College Ambassador

    You can represent the College at Open Evenings, school assemblies and careers events, gaining valuable experience in marketing, public speaking and customer service.

  • Counselling Award (Level 2)

    You have the opportunity to develop the communications skills integral to councilling, which are applicable to a vast range of careers.

  • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

    You will have the opportunity to explore Crime Scene Investigation, understanding the different elements of crime, criminal behaviour and the techniques used to apprehend criminals.

  • Digital Skills – Google Certification

    A professional certification that enables students to demonstrate mastery of G Suite applications such as Docs, Sheets and Slides for the workplace.

  • Driving Theory

    You will receive access to the latest DVSA theory test revision materials, in addition to over 100 hours ov high-quality hazard perception videos and study resources.

  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Silver)

    You will work towards the Silver DofE Award, completing tasks in the following four sections: Volunteering, Physical, Skills, and Expedition. Available to all students

  • Personal Finance

    Based on the NatWest MoneySense Programme, you will explore practical aspects of finance that can help you in the future. This includes decision making, job choices, fraud, borrowing money, and starting a business.

  • Radio Broadcasting

    Radio Broadcasting at Barton Peveril

    A live broadcast every Wednesday afternoon goes out across Southampton on Unity 101 radio.

  • Sports Leadership Award

    You will develop your planning, leading and organising skills for a range of sporting events in the local community, working with a wide variety of age groups.

  • Student Wellbeing Mentor Training Programme

    You will complete training in a variety of areas, from Anxiety Management to Promoting Self-Esteem, to help the Health and Wellbeing Team support current and prospective students at College events.

  • Work Experience

    Work experience with fire fightersYou will gain experience to further your progression, after College, in any career. This experience is essential for you, if you are pursuing careers in teaching, medicine and nursing.