Careers, employability and progression

Your time at sixth form college is a vital stepping stone to securing a place at university, a higher level apprenticeship or embarking on a career.

Our highly experienced careers team offers impartial advice to support students with their individual plans. Students are able to book one-to-one careers appointments at any point during their time at college. The team also organise events throughout the year including a Higher Education Fair, Futures Fair, mock interviews and a huge range of other events when we welcome local employers, gap year organisations and university admissions tutors to Barton Peveril.

Students, parents/guardians, teachers and employers can contact the Careers Department via email at

The Careers Department is lead by Shoonagh Hubble. Contact details: or 02380367200.

Students, parents/guardians, teachers and employers can access the programme here:

Careers Programme 2020/21

Work experience and volunteering

Students are strongly encouraged to gain work experience during their time at college, particularly if they are on Vocational courses and / or are not planning to go to university.

Students considering careers in medicine, teaching, veterinary science and engineering should be completing work experience placements in support of their application to university. This helps to focus their choice of university course and adds a positive element to their UCAS personal statements and CV’s.

We have a well-structured professional work experience programme and students also have the opportunity to undertake voluntary work. In the interest of fostering independence we expect students to research and arrange their own placements. However, they are supported by the college and our links with local employers mean we are able to help them find appropriate placements where possible.


The Careers Team and the Curriculum work together to create opportunities for our learners. This can be seen in the wider events such as the “Career in…” days, which brings local and national employers and students together to explore linked careers and ensures students have opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. In addition, we run a five week programme, three times a year that supports the development of employability skills in students. 

The Aspire Programme

The Aspire Programme is designed to provide both aspirational and inspirational advice and guidance for students interested in applying to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. The Aspire Programme provides opportunities for learners to visit and liaise with these universities as well as build confidence and the academic skills needed for such competitive academic environments through the mentoring programme. 

How we measure the impact of the Careers Programme

All of our data concerning the future plans of our students is captured in the annual Destinations Report. We capture and examine the number of students applying to university, FE and other providers (both in year and deferred).  We also track and capture data for students applying for apprenticeships and employment and the ways in which this data connects to the curriculum areas. The Destinations Report helps us to ensure, year on year, all students are supported by the Careers Programme.

Policies and Documents

Careers education, information, advice and guidance: The CEIAG Policy

Careers guidance and access for education and training providers (from the Department for Education)

The information on this page is reviewed at the start of each academic year.