Sports Team Taster Day Sessions

We are pleased to confirm our Sports Team Taster Day sessions will be going ahead, as planned.

Whilst our Taster Days are now online, the Sports Team sessions can continue as planned (in line with current guidelines) because they involve smaller numbers of students and take place in large, well-ventilated areas or outdoor spaces.

Here are the list of Sports Team Taster Day sessions, which 2021 Offer Holders will already have received an invite to:

Sport Date of summer training session Start Time Venue Contact/ lead staff
Football (Men’s)  Wednesday 30th June

10am-1pm Barton Peveril field (Meet directly on field – pitch 1) Daniel Jones

Football (Women’s) Tuesday 29th June  10am-1pm Barton Peveril field (Meet directly on field – pitch 2) Simon Woodley

Hockey (Men’s/Women’s) Wednesday 30th June 1pm -3pm Trojans (Meet at 12:45 at Trojans) Paul Yeates

Netball Wednesday 30th June 1-4pm Places Leisure (Meet on court 1) Alix Christopher

Basketball (Women’s) Wednesday 30th June 9am-12pm Barton Peveril Sportshall Dan File

Basketball (Men’s) Wednesday 30th June 12-2pm Trial

2-4pm ABL friendly

Barton Peveril Sportshall Jon Pickering