Barton Peveril’s German Day

Modern Foreign Languages

German Day

German Day

Barton Peveril welcomed pupils from across Hamsphire’s schools, for a German Day. Pupils from Brookfield Community School, Wildern School, Wyvern College, The Gregg School and Noadswood School attended the event.

The day, which was supported by the Goethe-Institute, gave pupils an insight into the world of work within modern foreign languages. Pupils experienced a range of sessions designed to showcase the career possibilities available to them with fluency in German and other modern foreign languages, including a hands-on advertising session that saw the pupils create an advert for their own German product.

Pupil Praise

Wyvern College’s Curriculum Leader MFL, Ms Ashdown, praised the event:

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the day. There was a lovely mix of activities for the students and they were really engaged throughout. The highlight for them was definitely writing and filming their German advert.”

Wyvern College pupils also said:

“I loved it! Interesting, exciting and fun.”

“The activities were really engaging and the day was great fun. I learnt lots.”

“It was really interesting to see how you could use German in your future life.”

One comment on “Barton Peveril’s German Day

  1. Helen Wheelwright on

    It was lovely to see you all enjoying using German. Well done to you all. And a great big thank you to The German Embassy in London for donating the fabulous prizes!

    Helen Wheelwright, German Teacher at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College

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