Barton Peveril Calendar


Dec 20 Autumn Term ends (Students finish at 12.00pm)


Jan 06 Spring Term begins
  28 Inset Day (Students not in College)
Feb 06 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design Open Studio
  10 Options After College Evening
  17 Half Term begins
  21 Half Term ends
  24 Inset Day (students not in College)
  25 Options After College Evening
  28 Non-Teaching Day (students not in College)
Apr 03 Spring Term ends
  20 Summer Term begins
  30 Open Evening
May 25 Half Term begins
  25 Half Term begins
  29 Half Term ends
Jun 01 Inset Day (students not in College)
  05 Non-teaching Day (students not in College except those taking exams)
  15 New Parents Information Evening
  18 New Parents Information Evening
  23 Taster Day for new students
  24 Taster Day for new students
Jul 01 Parents’ Evening (end of year review)
  10 Summer Term ends
Aug 13 Results Day (A Level and Level 3 Vocational courses)
  21 Enrolment
  24 Enrolment
  25 Enrolment
  31 Work Experience Week begins (2nd year students)
Sep 04 Work Experience Week ends (2nd year students)