Bus Routes

From a bus stop near you

Current first years wishing to travel by bus in September MUST re-apply by 10th July!

As part of our green transport plan we provide a subsidised bus service serving most areas where students live and travel to Barton Peveril on a regular basis. Bus transport is a combination of

  • contract buses – students apply through the College
  • service buses – Barton Peveril does not contract these services but students apply for passes through the College.

Click to check current bus routes and apply for a pass.  Please note that exact bus routes and timings may be subject to changes between now and September 2015.


From September 2015 Brijan will no longer be running the 607 bus route. Xelabus will be running the same route renumbered 407 from September. Bus passes will be available to purchase from Xelabus at Enrolment or on the first day of term.



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